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The Calendar of Academic Activities for the year 2009-10

Main Activity

Sub-Activities Date/Month by which to be completed
1. Allocation of Streams

Distribution of students in three streams on the basic of their performance in 2nd pre Board.


Commencement of New Session 2009-10.

Commencing of classes 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th. 1st April 2009
3. Time Table (T.T.)

T.T. class wise & teachers wise will be given to teachers on 31-03-09 and will be Implemented w.e.f. 01-04-09 Sup. T.T will be Implemented from 01-04-09. Sp.Remedial T.T. for slow learners, w.e.f. 16-04-09 & for X & XII classes .Daily routine for Sunday / holiday prepared.

1st  April 2009
4. House meeting HMs/AHMs & House in charges 04-04-09
5. Result analysis of non-board classes Submission of result analysis to R.O. 5th April
6. Text Books/ Stationary Issue of Text Books/Stationery Items to the students. 1-5th April
7. Institutional Plan Institutional Plan to RO. 10April 2009

( a) Conduct of JNVST (April)(b) Lateral Entry to IX Class

  11 April 09
9. Remedial Teaching Identification of weak students on the basis of annual examination.  Class wise/subject wise Identification of difficult chapters/areas Implementation of remedial programme. 16.04.09
10. Mess Meeting Principal, Vice Principal, CA & students representatives. 17 April 09
11. Migration Selection of students for migration.  JNVs to communicate to linked Vidyalayas regarding sending/receiving of migrated students as per new schedule of vacation. April 2009
12. Academic Inspections

Preparation of schedule for panel Academic Inspections. Inspections by Principal & Vice Principal.

April 2009
13. Training Identification of teachers for Training. Identification of venue and Resource Persons for Induction Training.  JNV to communicate list of teachers due for Induction Training April 2009
14. NTSE Identification of students for NTSE and preparing them for the same. April
15. Unit Test (1st) I/C Examination April 28,29,30
16. Poem recitation competition Senior (English) I/C C.C.A and PGT English 27th April
17. Scout & Guide Camp By I/C Scout & Guide Incharge April

Games & Sports

Identification of students for preparation daily games by PETs April
19. Computer Education Programme Review of ICT in the class room transactions. April, September & December
20. Subject meeting and staff meeting. Under the chairmanship of Principal 30-04-09
21. Bridge course for Class VI. Preparation of material for foundation/bridge courses for class VI in English and Mathematics May
22. NVS Exhibitions Preparation of Exhibits as per theme for Cluster/Regional Level Competitions. May
23. House meeting HMs, AHMs ,tutors & House in charges 02-05-09
24. Maths Olympiad Identification of students and preparing them for Maths Olympiad May
25. Declamation Contest Hindi Seniors I/C C.C.A. and PGT Hindi 09-05-09
26. T.T. Boys Internal House Compeatition PETs 10-05-09
27. Lateral Entry for Class IX Allotment and distribution of roll no by office. May
28. Admission of VI class students (JNVST-VI) The process for admission of Class VI, to start and completed. May
29. Debate Competition Hindi Seniors I/C C.C.A. and PGT Hindi 16 May 09
30. Declamation Contest English Seniors I/C C.C.A. and English faculty. 23-05-09
31. Analysis of CBSE Results Principal and Vice Principal & I/C Examination (25-30)May
32. 2nd Unit Test I/C Examination 28,29,30 May
33. Subject meeting and staff meeting. Under the chairmanship of Principal 30-05-09
34. Migration of IX class Selection of 30% students of IX for  Migration to JNV Talodhi (M.H)by C.T. June
35. Summer Vacation Schools to close for Summer Vacation for two months w.e.f. 1ST June 31st July 2009 June
36. Opening of JNV after Summer Vacation. Principal & all teachers 01-08-09
37. Migration of IX class Migration of IX class Students JNV Talodhi. 03-08-09
38. Allocation of Streams to XI

Distribution of students in 3 stress on the being of their preparing in 2nd   

XI class to start w.e.f. 03-08-09.
39. Exhibitions Identification of students & people for Sc/SST/Super math Exhibitions. August
40. House Meeting HMs/AHMs & House in charges. 08-08-09
41. Inter-House Folk Dance Competition. Inter-House Folk Dance Competition& Independency day celebrated by I/C CCA & Music Teacher 15-08-09
42. Games & Sports Inter House Kabbadi Boys & Girls competition (PTEs) August
43. Inter-House Group Songs Competition I/C C.C.A. and Music Teacher 22-08-09
44. Subject committee & staff meeting Principal & Staff. 29-08-09
45. Unit Test I/C Examination 27,28,29
46. Filling up of CBSE forms for Board classes I/C Examination September
47. Teachers day I/C CCA, Sc. Teachers inter House Teachers. 5th Sep.
48. House Meeting HMs/AHMs & House in charges. 7th Sep 2009
49. Inter-House  Science Quiz Competition (Seniors) I/C CCA & PGTs. 12th Sep.
50. Hindi Pakhwara Various competitions Hindi by Hindi faculty. 14 to 28 Sep.
51. Exhibition   Sep.
52. Games & Sports Regional level September
53. Essay writing competition Jr. & Sr. (English) I/C CCA/English faculty. 26 September
54. Unit Test By I/C 28,29,30
55. Dushera celebration I/C CCA, Music Teachers & HMS 28 Sept 2009
56. Subject committee & staff meeting Principal & Staff. 30 Sept 2009
57. Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti I/C C.C.A 2nd Oct.
58. House Meeting HMs/AHMs & House in charges 3rd Oct.
59. Sample Question Papers from CBSE Sample Question Papers to be procured and supplied to JNVs 05-10 Oct.
60. 1st Term Test Conduct of 1st Term Test by I/C Examination. October
61. Autumn Break School close for Autumn Break 15 to 24 Oct.
62. Re-Opening of School School reopen after  Autumn Break 25th Oct. 2009
63. Hindi study meeting committee I/C CCA Hindi factuality 30 Oct. 2009
64. Subject committee & staff meeting Principal & Staff. 31 Oct. 2009
65. Inter class Cricket competition PETs 1st November
66. Guru Nanak Dev Birthday celebration I/C,CCA & Music Teacher 2nd Nov.
67. House Meeting HMs, AHMs, Tutor & House mates 7 November
68. Mess meeting Principal Vice Principal CA & Staff & HMS. 9 November
69. Celebration of Children Day Music Tr., I/C C.C.A. and PETs 14th Nov.
70. Youth Parliament JNVs to organize complete Youth Parliament Activities. November

NCERT (Jawaharlal Nehru Science Exhibition.) NTEL Science Exhibition. National Science Congress

14th 19th November 2009. November
72. Maths Olympiad

RO level Maths Olympiad to be conductedCelebration of Flag Day on 7th November.Communal Harmony Campaign Fund Raising Week from 19th to 25th November 2008.

73. Essay Writing Competition (Eng.) Sr. & Jr. I/C CCA, English faculty 21 Nov.
74. Unit Test I/C Examination 25,26,27 Nov
75. Id-u-Zuha I/C C.C.A 29-11-2009
76. Staff meeting & Subject committee meeting Under the chairmanship of Principal 30-11-2009
77. Academic Inspection By Principal & Vice Principal November
78. CBSE Classes

Revision of syllabus for Board classes to start.Review of the performance of weak students.

79. Text Books List of Text Books for session 2009-10 to be submitted by JNVs to RO. December
80. Story writing competition (Hindi) Sr. & Jr. I/C CCA, English faculty 5th December
81. House meeting HMs, AHMs, Tutor & House mates 12.12.09
82. Mess meeting Principal, Vice Principal & CA & HMS 14-12-09
83. Syllabus Coverage Syllabus Coverage for non Board classes except VI on 20-12-09. Start revises December
84. Unit Test I/C Examination 21,22,23
85. Subject committee & Academic meeting By Principal with Staff. 31-12-09
86. Opening of school after winter break   12-01-2010
87. Pre-board Exam. Pre-board exam-II-Conduct w.e.f. January 2010
88. Scout & Guide PM Shield Award Rally January 2010
89. Group song competition House wise I/C CCA Music Teacher 16 January
90. Volley Ball Competition PETs 17 January
91. House Meeting HMs, AHMs, Tutor & House mates 23rd Jan 2010
92. Republic Day Celebration PETs, Art Tr. and Music Tr. 26th Jan. 2010
93. Subject committee & staff meeting Principal & staff 30 Jan, 2010
94. Unit Test I/C Examination 28-30 Jan 2010
95. Conduct  of practical examination Board classes February 2010
96. House Meeting HMs, AHMs, Tutor & House mates 06.02.10
97. Institutional Plan

Preparation of Institutional Plan for session 2009-10

February 2010
98. Maths Olympiad Headquarter level Maths Olympiad. February 2010
99. Evaluation of Non-board classes

Fixation of Center of Evaluation and identification of teacher for Evaluation work of Non-Board Classes.Distribution of Common Examination Question Papers CDs to JNVs)

February 2010
100. Mess meeting Principal, Vice Principal & CA & HMS 13th Feb 2010
101. Unit Test I/C Examination 25,26,27 Feb.
102. Subject committee & staff meeting Principal & Staff. 27 February
103. Split up of Syllabus Preparation of split up of syllabus for new session. March 2010
104. Text Books Collection of Text Books for new session March 2010
105. Non-Board Classes Conduct of Annul Examination for board and Non-Board Classes March 2010
106. Subject committee & staff meeting Principal & Staff March 2010

Sukhraj Kaur